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Move the files you download to different folders



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If you use P2P programs and you own a high capacity Hard Disc, your download folder is probably a mess and that's the reason why Digital Janitor can be really useful.

We usually download lots and lots of files, but if they are all in the same folder, it's hard to find the one we want. If you use Digital Janitor you can put your download folder in order automatically. It's easy to use, you only have to assign a folder to each type of file and it will detect the downloaded files.

When the file has been downloaded, Digital Janitor moves it to the selected folder. That means that you can have all music files in a folder different from video files or documents. E.g. you can assign .mp3 files to My music folder, so you will find all downloaded music in my music folder without having to touch anything.

By this way, Digital Janitor will do your job and will keep all your downloads in order and easy-to-find. Digital Janitor automatically sorts the folder depending on where you want a certain filetype to go.
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